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Should be doing porn with your cock

Thank ya ;) I have been making homemade porn pics and vids at least ^_^

Thanks. It tastes really good. I give out free taste tests ;)

Still just LOVING that arse, Virginia! It seems like such a sorry waste… we, Megan and I, live here in VA, and, serendipitously, so do you! And yet, we're still not all fucking each other all night, every weekend, all Summer.

Yeah that really is a big shame =/

My perfect wet dream currently involves me, my girlfriend, Megan, and you, buddy, straddling my head, sitting your sweet shaved asshole right over my hot mouth, while Megan sucks your cock dry. And we're loving the facial hair, and your whole general look really, by the way. Stay handsome.

Hot and nice. I want to take him at once in my mouth.

Just once =( Haha You can have it as many times as you want ;)

Oh man, nice pics of nice cock. I like smooth skin.

Thank ya =) Smooth skin makes it fun to slide and rub against ;)

Omg, your cock is massive

Ya think so? I feel like it is average

Love this cock! Big head, curved, huge balls. Love to suck it off. I love his ass, tool!

Feel free to come test it all out ;)

so hott id loveeeee to get fucked by u

Fucking hell, brother. That picture of you sprawled out on your back, with your legs pulled back, and your perfect arse there, presenting itself. Waiting. Cruelly cock teasing me. I wish I could save it to my Macbook somehow. mmmmm…

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