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Gozadas virais (Viral loads) [bb com soro+]

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it cut at the end of the cum was contaminated with HIV... not sure if this is for real or not, but that's kind of sad right?

Sho' you right. We watch bareback porn to 'try to forget'; to escape the reality that there still ain't no cure; which politely sucks.

must be the luckiest bottom ever.. all the tops were horny fuckers..

lots of hearty dicks in this one for sure.

Sex would be so much perfect without all those diseases. I wish I were banged like that! But truth is he must have gone straight to hospital to get treated of all sorts of STD and undergo very unpleasant treatments for the rest of his life (which could be short anyway - of course the movie will not show that part). That's suicide! Love your lives!

From what I understand, Blue received nothing he didn't already have. Back in the day it was called 'bug-chasing'; there was a real dust-up about it back in the late 90s. With the introduction of Protease Inhibitors and better (and fewer per day) meds, guys are acting out on their fantasies... and guys like us watch the antics.

Damn, that's one hot room full of HOT MEN!!!

Adore these films. Poz gay guys are to the real heroes and gods to me. They have freed our minds of fear by having us focus upon the pleasure and gratification unrstained and unlimited sex offers. The mind set to adopt is not to care so long as we can fuck with our brothers. The two tests I had for HIV ...e back "inconclusive" so I have adopted the

That was... overwhelming. The bottle of cum at the end for the 'end' was a bit of an overkill. While I love the way Blue keeps his eyes open; it was like he was in a trance. At least he was 'present'. With Dawson, I always felt he was there 'in-hole-only'. Very intense vid.

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