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Beautiful couple has sensual squirting sex

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Squirt 239 visualizações 0%
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This is not PORN this is what you call making LOVE should have 10 Starz job well done

I would have much preferred about 30 seconds of music at the beginning and then hearing THEM. Then close with music.

Parceiro de conteúdo

I am happy that you all seem to like it so much. About the music, well, you can't make everyone happy, but we think it fits with the feeling of the video.

Parceiro de conteúdo

Thank you! Everyone has been so positive and supportive of the video! You are all so nice!

OMG. That squirt! 😍😍😍

I would be lying if I said I didn't want to take that squirt to my face

noreinski @ rocketmail . com

woow look how she squit with her sexy ass (perfect!!)

That was just *** ly? What a beautiful lady.

awesum smoking hott!!!... girls add me...

very sensual lovemaking ... makes me want to be part of the action :-p

thats awesome wanna have some like that

Parceiro de conteúdo

We didn't make the song, but we put the info at the end, it's in the Creative Commons. xx

btw did you guys make this song?

very sensual and very very warm

god damn it, the semi church music ruined it for me, now I have a softy :<

Passionate, intense, *** tiful

Parceiro de conteúdo

@Horror-Barbie You are so kind to us. It makes us both smile. @89verginella89 Thank you. ;)

I love this one sooo much! The guy is so scruffy and awesome, and She is so hot with her curly dark hair and great tits! :D I LOVE THIS ONE

Parceiro de conteúdo

Thank you to everyone for your support, you are all so good to me!

Very sexy vid...a good one to show a gal that says she doesn't like porn!

Also, love the tattoos.

This is just so good!!!!!! Holy shit.

Parceiro de conteúdo

I'm proud that you see the feelings and desires, Sellmann!

I have to admit that I really appreciate those videos, where you can see some feelings and desire. And not just dump banging around.

Parceiro de conteúdo

@KBKARIMMM Not at all. Squirting is the most intense pleasure I've felt. @bezzar Thank you for the positive feedback. :)

This video is beautiful

Really beautiful reminds you of the "love" part that is involved with sex ... and still very erotic and real. Plus love women squirting! It feel so good to squirt!

OMG they have sex EXACTLY how me and my bf do =)) squirting included

She squirts as much as i do when the right buttons are pushed.

I usually do squirting like this while fucking... really love it.

Wow, that was amazing, and not fake looking either between the 2 of them!

Hot from start to explosive finish. Loved the kissing. Try NOT to cum while watching the end!


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