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Alejandro de LaGuardia 1

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I love above all the rear part of his body. Large shoulder, a muscle back with a perfectly traingolar shape, the sexy curve at the bottom of his back, just before his bubble round butt, his massive, large, mighty strong legs. I want you naked in my bed, to touch every inch of your masculine meat..

Uruguayan bodybuilder Ignacio Torres.

Every time I watch this video, I get so horny. His perfect ass is so sexy and beautiful...it makes me crazy...I love this wonderful ass...and all the muscle body of this gorgeous stud

I'm gay because there are guys like Alejandro de la Guardia. He expresses all the beauty, harmony and perfect simmetry of the male body. Every muscle is a shape, a line made by an artist. The handsome and manly face .The large shoulder and back, the big biceps and arms, the muscle pectorals, the bubble ass, the mighty and strong legs,. He seems a sculpture m

Where's the man-to-man fucking?

And after his knees , his legs show again his strenght with the hard, large, muscled calfs. Two wonderful knotty legs. And what about the perfect drawning of his pectorals and abdominals, his muscular back. A god created by an artist.

...and then these massive thighs become again narrow, where you can see two strong knees in the middle of his muscular legs. Another thin part that defines the sensual shape of this body, made of curves, straight lines, pleasant narrows.

..in the middle of a plain. And where the rounded lines of his butt ends, your eyes find another pleasant surprise: the point where the muscles of his thighs begin showing all his masculine streght His thighs are narrow at the top, become incredible large in the middle,...

Beautiful!! My eyes follows the sinuous lines of this sensual body so perfectly shaped. Large and powerful shoulders, a V shaped chest ending with a narrow waist. After this thin smart waist the delicious curves of his bubble ass begin, making a sexy line at the bottom of his muscled flat back, where two rounded hard buttocks rise like two hills in the midd

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