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Teeny first time

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She is a doll, but this video is BORING!

Its obvious that she could hardly wait to get this over with. She looked like she was thinking the whole time what her dad was going to say when he saw it on the internet.

she pretty clearly doesn't want to fuck the guy... probably a common problem in porn, but some are better than others at hiding it.

She's cute, but she's got no mojo. It looks like she's doing homework or something.

he's definitely cute, but it seems like she's thinking too much about it. And maybe she's a little bit shy because of the camera. She should practice a litte bit, find out what she likes, and soon she'll be a pro! ;-) <<<< Well Dear, that`s precisely what attracts an experient man. <3

Funny, the word "outtakes" doesn't appear anywhere in this video's title.

not great, but I LOVE her body and especially her small tits...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

this HAS to be the lamest small tit bimbo that doesn't know jack about sex

i could teach her lots more!!!!!!

Por ser su primera vez espero que la chica no termine a lesbiana por tener sexo con un imbecil como ese...anda a cogerte a tu mamá bolsa!

...she's better off being a lesbian...

I'd hit this bitch up real nice, she's a hottie

She looks bored, not uninformed about sex and the handling of a cock. She is a cutie tho!

yeah. there's DEF a few things to show her.

i want to be fucked like that

she needs a lot of help and teaching....

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