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Kennedy Carter and Boyfriend Ivan

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If they're a couple, why are they wearing condoms?

Do you really have to ask that? You should use condoms to protect yourself. (They should also use them in porn to educate others). Just because you have a boyfriend doesnt mean you can't get HIV or an STD. How many men got HIV because their boyfriend cheated on them? Or their boyfriend didnt know they were HIV+? Even if you've both been tested, that st

That beautiful black cock of his makes me so hungry

Hey Kenny share your boy let him fuck and get fucked by other dicks

Ivan has a nice hot chocolate hole......... great to give some rims, licks and plenty of dick

If Kennedy or Ivan ever read this, just wanted to let you know I thought it was a beautiful example of gay love making. Theres a time and a place for everything but watching 2 men in love make passionate love instead of the random sex we're force fed so often is great to see. I hope you two are together...And thanks for also showing people you can have saf

Here's a full length HD version of this video :D [Also remoove spacees]

Very hot. I loved watching them enjoy that so much.

Can either of them be any hotter?! the passion amongst them is obvious and therefore arousing to watch

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