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Hot Camille Crimson is a dream come true

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Well, I only shoot with my boyfriend, but I hope you still enjoy the fantasy!

You are a very talented woman, I hope I pleasure my man half as much as you do! But big cocks are harder to pleasure!

Nice video, do you want suck my Dick to?

Dirty, nice, beautiful, sweet, sexy! you'll be in my fantasy! <3

Hi Camille, I never tire of watching this video. You're beautiful. I would give anything to be yours companion video.

Haha, thank you both so much!

With all due respect ma'm: I'd definetly do you

I completely agree. We forget about sensuality... It's a really important part of life.

so sensual, just the way its meant to be

I love all these amazing comments so much! I really really appreciate it.

a beauty of a video! And I love too how you support your bf while that guy made a rude commment..... you're a true gem!

Hello Camille. Excellent video, as all those that you fulfil. I die of desire of being in the place of these actors, in the life it has never happened to me that a woman practises oral sex me; he must feel wonderful. You are a beautiful and interesting woman. A greeting and that follow the successes

Man, I'm jealous of your boyfriend. That is one lucky man.

#CamilleCrimson sou seu fã vc éé a Raiinha do boqueits

I don't wear them in some of my videos on my site. ;)

i sooo wish you had no knickers on :) love your vids always xx

loveswomen - You are just so kind for noticing everything we do. baggiematt - I update many times a week on my site, so you should check it out!

Nice video Camille, you making any more soon? would love a solo vid from yourself :-)

Oh oh. Sorry about that! Consider me slapped!

I really love the decor and your retro lingerie. As usual wonderful technique and I love the multiple camera angles.

That's my boyfriend you're talking about, C4vem4n. Please refrain from rude comments.

Well Camille - great face and body - you did well with what must be the smallest dick I've seen in a movie such as this. A fair load!

One of the sexiest videos I've ever seen . . . . wowee!!

Hopefully a good sight, casualjoe.

I'm glad to give you an alternate view!

nice to see you from behind ;)

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