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One night in Paris (Paris Hilton)

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Omg. I fucking love Paris. I love her personality and I think she is a sexy bitch. I always have fantasies about having lesbian sex with her.

any ladies out there got snapchat? ;). hit me up for some fun: vosslad

call me i am in california 818-480-1559

wtf 09/11 has to do with sex?

this video is soooooooooo "slow" lasts 1h, I saw it in less than 5 minutes, very very boring

She definitely knows how to suck a dick; I wonder if she has learned how to fuck yet? (And him? He's an asshole supreme.)

she is a silly little rich bitch who should behave herself !

adultfinder24 com/a/82 username petterke. Find me there i have naughty pictures too ! would love to have a sexy chat

Shes kinda ugly. butterfaceeeee

She is a Slut. If every famous women were like her, this world would be awesome.

who wants to lick me like that in a hotel? xxx

I'd MAKE her a good fuck. You people hate on her but you males (who I see bitching about getting some on here a lot) would let her get on your shit in a heartbeat.

She is a great cock sucker great to see her make his nice big hard cock cum over her tits he didn't have to touch his cock at all she did all the work to make him cum

Great movie call me i am in california. 818-480-1559

She gives him a really good bj during the last couple mins of the video. Better than a lot of porn stars

He had no idea what he was doing

I think she did a good job sucking his cock....and better than some porn stars I've seen....

Seriously, that waving banner at the start is somewhat unnerving. Came here to see Paris suck cock, not to mourn some random americans.

She did suck his cock well

Wow, she seemed kinda boring...

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@easyrider it's called blowjob or simply BJ.... LOL

everybody download dis b4 it gets taken down

I want to fuck this boy and to show what real sex is

There's a lot of filler here, but the high points are fun. I actually like her better now than I did. At least she can actually make a guy cum, instead of him having to jerk off in her face, like a whole lot of 'pros' we see on this site. Yeah, she's not too lively, but then most women aren't.

really disappointing... :(

fuck, who cares if she sucks, id fuck her any day

She's terrible at fucking, she really is. Wow, I expected her to at least move.

she is no good at anything is she. She became famous for this vid and it show she is another talentless celebrity. Cant fuck or suck dick.

she cant fuck or suck to save her life

Oh my god. She cannot fuck at all.

i want more than one night in paris

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