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Anal training of Doris Ivy

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Maybe I am just a simple Texan ... but I don't see the point in bitching about free porn that was filmed years ago. I could care less if she blows him now or later .... or if ever .... as long as she is young and lets her sweet ass get penetrated.

Gotta agree with madick, this scene is arse about face, to coin a phrase. If you start with anal where do you go from there? Anyway, Doris was such a sexy, bad girl but the guy was a raving douchebag and the cameraguy was pathetic. Can't they film without shaking and zooming around? At least you don't need to watch the whole thing to get your rocks off.

Her asshole is so could drive a semi through that ass-tunnel....damn!!!!

watch me here＀

Love her tight little body! Amazing how her butthole gapes open for big cocks!

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