“Dad, son”

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jukilon 3 anos atrás

Such a cute daddy, l want you to fuck me, daddy.

hottea 3 anos atrás

the closeness between the dad and his son in this scene is taken to a whole new level**watching them become sexually affectionate and romantically involved is undeniably sensual and tantalizing** this shit is a delicious turn-on**loved every second of this fantasy visual

MarcusButler 3 anos atrás

I would love to be fucked by these guys :3

saradinhosp 3 anos atrás

my prefer video.

LePunheteiro 3 anos atrás

Muito foda, me add!!!

PGnumbaONE 3 anos atrás

The Dad is hot...

Shakoie 3 anos atrás

I fuck my friend like that

dand1 3 anos atrás

This must be a joe gage film.

Boobieluebke 3 anos atrás

The father's love for his son was such that he submitted to his son's need to somehow test that love. In submitting to his son he gave of his own manhood for his son's sake. The only thing I might add is the son giving dad a few good swats to the ass somewhere in the movie.

Boobieluebke 3 anos atrás

I also wanted to add that the casting and camera work was perfect for this video--if there is such a thing as winning an award for best porno flick it ought to be this one. The sweep of the camera shot to the treetops and sky was a perfect ending almost ala Dr. Zhivago--HA! Whoever wrote and shot this knew what they were doing, I was exhausted emotionally.

Boobieluebke 3 anos atrás

dad, son is without a doubt the best short subject video I have ever seen. It hardly deserves to be labelled as pornography as there is so much more involved than just wham bam sex . I think it touches a nerve in the complex relationship of father and son. The acting/nuances and dialog are very much a cut above run of the mill porn.

Tleo1969 4 anos atrás

como me gustaria follarme al maduro

nnicolass 4 anos atrás

best video EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing

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