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XXX 4,483 visualizações 75%
young & mature 707 visualizações 50%
Dad and son 404 visualizações 0%
argentina 526 visualizações 100%
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Last week I had sex with a 42 year old guy. It was the best experience ever!! It lasted a lot and we had a lot of fun. I widely recommend it

loved that daddy. want one for me

Bottom's got a nice overhang- though there is only one good look at it at 8:18. Daddy's got a short turtleneck. ;(

What a hot mature man! I would love to suck him and get ducked by him.

I need a Daddy for cyber or real sex, write to me:)

It just goes to show that you can have sex anywhere (well ALMOST anywhere) :)

I don't think I could resist a hot boy like this either. unwrap him and do him anywhere!

dad is very hot and a great lover. long kiss and body touch - so exciting. the way he gets oral - superb. men like him are extrem pleasure for youngsters. it's really a privilige to be with a man like him. i really enjoyed.

Very hot....wish it was me

I wanted Daddy to explode inside, but yet again I hoped the boy would lick him clean at the end. I want Daddy to fuck me now.

I love all the kissing

bb woulda been better n realistic

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