“Squirting in class (HUUU)”

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Sexual_Freedom 1 mês atrás

I love her facial expressions <3 and she is very sexy, was nice to come at the same time as her :p

Goo-on-you 2 meses atrás

1:38:17. The he look on her face....

Wanago1on1 1 mês atrás


Pleasure021 1 mês atrás

beautifull face

jerry256 1 mês atrás

@SuperMan311 Its czech but anyway. *squirt* T: "What was that?" G: "I am so...I am so sorry. I am sorry. ehm" T: "What was that? Are you kidding me?" G: "No" T: "You spill something or what?" G: "No" T: "You had some bottle here or something?" G: "No...I had no bottle" T: "S

jerry256 1 mês atrás

T: "What? What it supposed to be? What is it? Show me... *spread legs* Jesus. What? What are you doing here whole time? Are you kidding me? Thats not normal, you doing this here!"

jerry256 1 mês atrás

T: "So you are kidding me? What's that?" G: "I...I am sor..." *she showed toy* T: "You are kidding me! So we are learning here. We are writting something. And you are using some stuff here" G: "Ehm...I..." T: "For what you have it here?" G: "I don't know...I...I was..." T: "What? What it suppos

Culeronov 1 mês atrás

If you want to save yourself watching the whole video minute 1:50:47

Wanago1on1 1 mês atrás


kamo2000 1 mês atrás

I wish some of my students would do that for me in class...

Doritospb 1 mês atrás

Girl name?

call_me_willow 1 mês atrás

i squirted at the same time watching this beautiful girl finger and use and toy on herself like i do at my desk at work and did all of the time when i was in universidad ... ... ... ;-)

kangripaa415 1 mês atrás

so delicious cum on my dick baby ill leak that pussy all up

SuperMan311 1 mês atrás

Any Polish viewers about to translate the ending?

jerry256 1 mês atrás

[Comment Deleted]

always-hard 1 mês atrás

Gaaaaah! Video stops at 1:36:10!!! Aside from the video konking out, this girl had me watching her practically the whole way through! Her face is amazingly hot! Watching her lather up her fingers with spit was such a turn on too! What the heck kind of class is this and where can I sign up!!?

always-hard 1 mês atrás

Scratch that, I finally got it to work and it was well worth it! OMG!!! That was amazing!

dvnpsc 1 mês atrás


Goo-on-you 2 meses atrás

1:39:01. Cum cum face

sit_on_my_face2 1 mês atrás

Who knew college classrooms had "splash" zones? ;)

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