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Ha, I just watched this episode! Yeah, the sound is pretty bad but it's pretty funny.

id have that bitch bent over while brian gags her and fucks her in her pussy while i shove my dick in her with no lube

Looks like Lois is having fun on dogs dick!

Ummm i soooo wana try this;)

What the hell is that dub taken from? lol next time just cut together stuff from the s h o w *** rwise that shit sounds totally weird.

Next time, let him fuck her Doggy Style. Cum Dripping out, Swollen Stuck in Her!

Usuário(а) verificado

Ahahahah a lot of fantasy XD And with the music of the immense Bible Black!

I always wonder of what happened behind the scenes with Brian and Louis

I always knew Brian fucked Luis

that should of happend lol

That was so fuckin hott Mmmmm lol 8-D

@Penerecto He'll just want to know if Brian's dick is bigger than his

wow, this is strangely good

how the hell do people make these things XD :P

Wow, Lois grew an extra finger

wow ... worst sound effect ever *** bible black? ... dude try better next time!

wow the show makes so much sense now

Hate that the just recycle sound effects from other porn rather than re-record them.

i love fucking my dogs dick

This should be on the dark web ! Lol !

Lol, why is his dick white?

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