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how long would you last?

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OMG!! I wouldn't last 1 minute if these 2 beauties teased my swollen cock head like that!... 10 out of 10. p.s. I woulda blown a load across the room for 20 seconds.

Not very long, is so fucking hot to be blown by two horny girls

They had me when they opened their mouths.

OMFG how did u last that long?! Must've felt so fucking intense. I'd cum in a matter of seconds!

I love the brunette her licking skills are cumtastic

i lasted about about 6 maybe 7 minutes a week ago with 2 gorgeoues ladies i meet in a club. but i ...e 2 more times after they edged me it was awsome

blonde hair and blue eyes what a match

i would definitely want to last as long as i possibly could because i would want this to last forever

2 women not very long but would have least fucked on of them on top of me !

Fuck so hot! I want this I need this! They'd make me blow such a huge load! Eye contact is what would of got me especially from the blonde she has beautiful eyes!

Probably only a minute or two max. I've always planed that if I receive a double-blowjob that I would ask for 2 ejaculations since there's 2 ladies. It's only fair ;) The first cum would be quick and the second would be the one to enjoy.

isn't it better to feel that longer?

I'll make you suck my cock baby

Proberly only 3 minutes , they are foxyyys

I don't think I'd even be able to answer

He only ...e cos of the brunette lady. She was so confident with her tongue.

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