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I think redtube should have a category for porn that woman want too watch. Too much of this site is aimed for men- they get all the hot ladies and we get the fat baldos!! But judging by the comments there are a clearly lot of women using the site! Anyone agree?

kept watching even after i came, you know that means its a fucking great set of scenes...

this is still the best hetero sex I've found in this site. James Deen is a god.

@marinebroker it's not possible to rape a pornstar

Yeah right, tell that to Stoya and the other women he's roughed up and treated like trash. Mr. Pretty Boy is a fucking misogynist

I'm gay and this turns me on.

He fucks great but I'm sure when she screams he's hurting her by touching her clit at the wrong spot ;)

And of course we now know that he is really something of a nasty asshole...........

Guys take note, this is how you please a woman!! I love how focused the are on each other, they dont even care about the cameras. We need more porn like this please!! I also love how he takes control , but not in the 'choke on my dick' type of way. He does it all for her. So good!

James is so sexy in this. I love how he mixes up being romantic and soft to sexy and hard. The two of them have really good sexual chemistry going on. I would love to fuck him. He is my favorite porn star by far...

this is my new favorite porn

Actual Sex!?! this is madness, no wonder why it has so many views, one of the few normal porns. - 5/5 rated, hot stuff ;D

I love James Deen... I wish I could hear half of what he was saying in this one though.. because I am sure it is hot as always.

hands down the best video ever!

it's like he's feeling her orgasms, this is beautiful! and thank god for heavy-sleeping kids! :D

that is like the perfect fuck. i love this

3 words.... James Motherfuckin Deen

I think I would pay James Deen personally to fuck me. Its so amazing seeing an actual hot guy in porn. My lust for him is unexplainable.

I love how he goes back in for more!

first porn that ill upload on my laptop

this is how porn is supposed to be...

Nice video. So great to see a happy girl and a man really trying to please her. So much of porn is just plane shit these days.

Amazing. I came, and came again.

Totally agree with @lollypoppin, and since this video is currently the second highest rated on the site, we can only assume that most people aren’t looking for the nasty stuff which seems to be the majority of internet porn. And ‘nice’ porn (nobody looked upset by the end of the video) doesn’t just appeal to women.

This is the hottest thing I've seen in months.. how have I not seen this yet!?

He is so damn hot and sexy. He bet he would be the best fuck I've ever had.

I love everything about this. How he takes control to make her cum, how he doesn't brake eye contact, how much they're in sync... Jesus all porn should be like this!

I joined this site just to say how much I love this video. This is how it should be done! This is what real sex looks like! GREAT vid!!!

Omg!!!!!! I love you James!!!,i think this is one of the best videos i can see in whole Redtube currently,:the scene is natural and the actors are great, i could believe in these kind of scenes,anyways thumbs up!!! xo xo

that was hot , wasn't nasty it was just right

what a lovely fuck i ttoo want to fuck her so nice

Good porn. 30 minutes of hard cock fucks young pussy.

The hottest kissing scene ever

God that was perfect! Where can I get a guy to fuck me like that!?

i love how he is so rough and intimate with her. i wish i was this good.

I can't believe the boyfriend's endurance. He keeps inside that glorious pussy, milking his penis for ever. A top notch movie which I have downloaded so I can watch over & over & share with my friends.

This is one of the cutests vids I've ever seen. She is adorable but oh god James Dean is gonna be my fave actor haha. This is how real sex looks like between two people that love each other. They try to please each other, not only themselves. My fave! And I'd pay a lot to James take me like this... or differently, I mean he always do it great imo :D

How can someone fuck so well and not cum inside her? Dont understand.

beau !! we all need this !

wow! so passionate and hot. i love how he squeezes and sucks her breasts 4:35 and then goes on to tongue her to orgasm in no time ... hmmhmmhmm and then make her come another million times

this guy is a fuck machine, wow

This video made me come. And i still want more.

This is totally hot...these two are having real sex on camera. This is how they should make porn. Have two people just make it out beautifully in camera. You can almost feel what they both feel. Hot hot hot!!!

out of all video that i have seen,this is the most sensual that made me orgasm so many times...

omg best vid I have ever seen

love the way he eats her pussy and the way she moans...

OMG!! this is not very hot. This is BLAZINGLY ELECTRIFYING natural sex. <br /> God, this is like amateur porn, but with a fucking haaaawwwt couple. with this vid, i can say porn is THAT good ^_^.<br /> <br /> and what makes this all the more sizzle, they are VERYY compatible. So he was able to twist her around, and take her in every possible way of the book.

Me apaixonei pelo James Deen assistindo esse video, meu novo sonho é transar com esse cara. So ouvir ele gemendo no ouvido dela (+- 15:35-16:00) me faz tremer!

i like this guy!he's totally hot...i love the way he moves...

She's so perfectly REAL!!!

love the video very sweet and romantic

This is such a beautiful video. There needs to be more porn like this.

i wish this could end in a creampie

What the heck! The best fuck I've ever seen.!

I love amazing sex. Damn shame so few are capable of it and God bless those that are. That was beautiful.

I only hire fuckable sitters...

This is the best porn movie I have ever watch

Wery nice girl but se deserved for multiple orgasms.

They are both awesome what an amazing fuck

Alguien que quiera recrear conmigo este video?? Wow!!! Es puro placer!!! Me caliento sólo de pensarlo!!

That's what I call passion!

This is the mind blowing sex my mistress and I aspire to each and every time we make love. We go for hours and it's so awesome....

I registered because of this video. I have never seen anything like it.

u are 2 sweet pls add me.

Love it, this IS a real and nice way to have sex...both of them enjoy it!

I have never seen James Deen be so sensual before. Love it!

He's perfect. I'd let him fuck me all day long.

for sure the best vid on here

He looks like the Darren character in Gray's Anatomy. And she is one of the greatest fucks I've ever watched.

i am 5'4". anyone compatible with me?? :) i wanna burn a couch too :D

Perfect couple - this really gives me a hard-on

He can fuck the living shit out of me.

shes the best, whats her name?

I need to be fucked like this!

Great video - amazing sexy girl

wetnwild wanna have that nice fuck contact me..

best porn video ever watched

nicole is great as ever, but i like her more in action with older women. like great lady in the beginning and on the end of this clip.

I want to get fucked just like thiss...

You can see the mental illness in her eyes.

I agree i would totally FUCk James Deen

James Deen, I'm in love with you, fuck me please.

this is so good... i want this kind of sex...

dam nicole ray made me cum all over my *** to stick my dick in her pussy and tear it *** d also eat her pussy. nice vid

i love james , nicole is so please..

tô morrendo de inveja dela

I wanna get fucked by James Dean so bad I love it when he get rough! mmmm he always makes my pussy wet.

Nice Fuck! james dean is so gooood. he knows how to please his hottie partner ( nicole ray)... .

100 posts about his name but not hers. By the way her name is Nicole Ray if anyone wonders...

I favorited it. Girl is a dream. Cute, petite, *** cious.

Who is the girl? She is GORGEOUS!

he is a super expert who knows that how giving pleasure to girl

wow he knows how to unclip bras fast.

great great great ... i want him to fuck me!

jesus anyone else in that house must of been really heavy sleepers but she is really pretty and knows what she needs to be satisfied

The things I'd do to be fucked by James Deen... absolute god of sex

The girl is really nice... is sweet, is hot, I like her.

The girl is hot, but no blowjob is not so hot.

one of my favorite! looks so sweet not nasty. the guy knows what a girl want and how to satisfy her.

He fucks so beautifuly!

Ladys come chat with me let me show you how a man should really treat his lady ;)

they really have a *** show love and compassion!!! really great!!!

its been my 10th time to watch now!!! it really helps me become *** first time to watch *** i love their passionate *** o hot with James Deen

OMG... He put me in a daze just watching him...

Proibido é mais gostoso! hahaha

this gave me a boner that makes me dick like a rock ! ! !

Ele é gostoso! [He's so hot]!!

no he is not bresilian actor, it's the famous awesome james deen

He is a brazillian actor , called Luan Santana

WHAT THE FUCK?????????????????????

This guy is amazing! He really knows how to satisfy a woman!

I falling in love with this guy :p joke :) but this girl was the best sex first class:)

Wow, this guy know how to do it right...

Really hot... and they deserve 6 stars !

I will totally agree with guimasca! she is pretty hot too LOL. nice petite body-- great chemistry and very erotic makes for the best sex!

Wow I wanna see more like this!!!!

james dean the best!!!! and he is not muscle men!!! XD

This actor fuck that girl like the goddes!!!

Great scene, great girl and guy, The actor's name is James Deen

wow. she is so real and so cute

James Deen

i love this actor,he is so hot anyone knows his name?

She really loves oral sex!!! Very sexy video... Love it!

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